Session: Going Live
Time: Saturday, October 24 at 11:15AM

About Rudiger


Rudiger J. Ellis, also known as Rudy is the founder of JOICASTER; a live video distribution platform that enables content creators the ability to amplify the discoverability of their live content and increase overall viewership. Their mission statement is; your content, everywhere.

Rudy has been in various senior leadership roles over the past ten years in both network operations and live streaming services. Most recently he was responsible for implementing and leading both the Digital Broadcast and Live Services team while at XOS Digital, and was the Director for Streaming Services while at NeuLion for close to 3 years. Rudy has seen his fair share of live events over the past 10 years; from streaming big tech conferences in San Fran to actually #joicasting a streamy award show in Los Angeles.